Anchoring Technique

  1. Sit on a good supportive chair with your feet firmly on the ground. Close your eyes. 
  2. Become aware of your breathing and take some slow deep breathes.
  3. Let the sounds of the room and outside wash over you and let them fade into the background.
  4.  Feel your body supported by the chair and your feet by the floor.
  5.  Allow yourself to become heavy and relaxed as you take each slow deep breath, in and out.
  6. Bring to mind a time when you felt really confident, strong and in the zone.  It may be an incident where you felt particularly happy and in control or when you felt at your most calm and powerful.
  7. Hold that image as vividly as you can.  Really see the scene in as much colour and detail as you can.  Focus on how you feel.  See what is around you, are you on your own or with others, what sounds can you hear, what smells are there.  Really see it in glorious technicolour, whilst feeling how amazing you feel.
  8. Whilst holding this strong confident feeling in your mind, press your thumb and middle fingers together really hard.  Press really, really hard whilst holding this wonderful feeling in your mind’s eye.
  9. Relax your grip and let the memory fade a little. Become aware of your breathing. In and out.
  10. Go back into the memory again.  Make it as vivid as you can.  Remember how amazing you felt, the best you ever could feel.  Whilst holding this memory so strongly again press your thumb and middle fingers together really hard.  Really, really hard press your fingers and thumbs together.
  11. Again let the gesture go and deepen your breathing and relax the image.
  12. For the third time go back into your memory.  Make it as vivid as you can and again press your middle finger and thumb together on both hands whilst holding the feeling of this memory in the forefront of your mind.  Hold this feeling of being strong, confident, powerful and in the zone whilst pressing your finger and thumbs together.
  13. Let the image and gesture fade.  Take some deep breaths and in your own time open your eyes 

Anytime you feel you need a confidence boost use this gesture to bring to mind these confident strong feelings again.

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