Flashback Protocol / How to talk yourself through a flashback

  1. Notice your body sensations and name one or more sensations you have e.g. heart rate, shaky legs
  2. Notice what your feelings are e.g. “I am scared”
  3. Tell yourself that you are having these reactions because you are remembering something from the past
  4. Now think about here and now and name at least three things you can hear, see or smell
  5. Tell yourself today’s date, including month, year and day
  6. Based on here and now, think about whether the situation you are in now if safe or dangerous.
  7. If you are actually safe, in spite of having a flashback, you can then tell yourself “I am having a flashback and I am not in any danger”
  8. If you are not in safe circumstances, find safety 

Try this out and see if it works for you, change it if you need to, to make it more helpful for you.

If it doesn’t work for you then just set it aside. Tell me how you get on with it.

This protocol is taken from Babette Rothschilds book “8 keys to safe trauma recovery”