Unplug from Social Media/Your Electronic Devices

Many of us spend much of the day on our electronic devices and attached to social media. While it's not all bad, research has shown it can produce a host of negative feelings including increased stress, anxiety, distraction, low productivity, lack of fulfillment, social isolation and jealousy. 

If this sounds familiar, why not try to spend some time today not using your phone, laptop, computer or tablet and see how you feel?

There are apps available to help you out like Moment (https://inthemoment.io/) and most phones have a "Do Not Disturb" feature that silences all calls and messages except those that you set to be allowed so you don't have to worry about being unreachable in an emergency.

You could organise an alternative fun activity with your family or friends or take some time for yourself to relax.


This was Day 1 of #SelfCareWithImara shared on our FB and Twitter