Quick Exit

Calming technique: Bubble breaths

Long slow breaths out can be a simple way to control anxiety, and the idea of blowing bubbles can make this easier and more fun for you to learn and practice. In fact it can make it easier for all of us, who doesn’t love bubbles?!

Our CEO Cath talks you through the technique, giving credit to Dr Renée Marks who fronts the BICTD (British Institute for Child Trauma and Dissocation). Her book “What a Muddle” and Lynne Ryan/Koru Counselling’s “Brainy Cards” are both available here: https://www.bictd.com/

Both cover Bubble Breaths along with many other similar techniques, and are excellent resources for helping children and young people develop emotional regulation.

This was prepared for Day 9 of our #SelfCareWithImara campaign. 

September 14th, 2021