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Children and Young People’s Domestic Abuse Leaflet [wtr-time]

Read more May 26th, 2023

What do I do if a child discloses abuse? [wtr-time]

What do I do if a child discloses abuse? When a child or young person discloses sexual abuse, the response they receive can have a great impact on their ability ability to seek further help and recover from the trauma. We have put together some suggestions on how to manage a disclosure, to focus on […]

Read more March 4th, 2021

The effects of COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown on Imara’s CHISVA service [wtr-time]

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Imara has been adapting its services to continue to meet the needs of our young people and their families in line with government, work from home and social distancing guidelines. This report offers unique documentation and insight around the impact of the pandemic on the CHISVA service. It […]

Read more November 12th, 2020

Digital Strip Search is welcome reform [wtr-time]

On Thursday 16th July, the National Police Chiefs Council announced reform to the mandatory ‘digital strip search’ which required rape and sexual assault victims to sign to hand over all of their mobile phone data in order for their case to be investigated, even in cases where digital communications played no part. This blanket requirement for […]

Read more July 17th, 2020

News 1 [wtr-time]

Read more March 22nd, 2020