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Support resources/helplines for over Christmas and New Year [wtr-time]

If you feel like you need to urgently speak to somebody and the office is closed, here are some important numbers and websites to help you through that time.

Read more December 14th, 2023

Self-harm Resources for Parents and Carers [wtr-time]

This booklet is designed to help parents and carers understand self-harm and why their child might engage with self-harm. This booklet highlights what do to if someone discloses self-harm to you and what the signs are. It is also sign-posts other services and informational websites for parents and carers to direct children and young people […]

Read more February 28th, 2023

Parent Support Booklet [wtr-time]

This booklet is designed to help adults understand how child and young people might react after being abused, and give some ideas as to how to support your child. It is also aimed at helping parents and carers understand their own feelings after discovering their child has been affected by child sexual abuse.

Read more January 18th, 2023

Participation Group [wtr-time]

The Participation Group is a group of young people who have accessed support from Imara and now offer their time to help improve the service. This involves being consulted on new ideas Imara is developing, and using their own ideas to create new projects, resources, and campaigns. Young people who have been through our service […]

Read more March 21st, 2022

Let’s talk Consent and Healthy Relationships [wtr-time]

Our beliefs and attitudes are influenced by our experiences and the way we talk about different topics with friends and family, and the wider community. This influences what is considered normal or acceptable behavior. When it comes to consent and healthy relationships, research shows that 1 in 6 men have had unwanted sexual experiences (https://www.1in6.uk/) […]

Read more January 12th, 2022

Consent Coalition [wtr-time]

The Consent Coalition is a group of organisations within Nottingham who are working together to raise awareness of the importance of consent, banish myths about rape and sexual violence, and encourage survivors to access support and report any sexual violence. As part of the Consent Coalition, Imara joins other organisations to stand together to say […]

Read more October 19th, 2021

Support for anxiety and trouble sleeping [wtr-time]

For children and young people who have experienced the trauma of sexual abuse, it is common to struggle with anxiety, flashbacks and panic attacks, as well as difficulty sleeping or poor quality of sleep, for example due to recurring nightmares. Sleep deprivation can have a serious impact on emotional, physical and mental health and can […]

Read more September 27th, 2021

Anchoring technique [wtr-time]

Anytime you feel you need a confidence boost use this gesture to bring to mind these confident strong feelings again. Learn more about the Anchoring Technique here.

Read more September 14th, 2021

Calming technique: Bubble breaths [wtr-time]

Long slow breaths out can be a simple way to control anxiety, and the idea of blowing bubbles can make this easier and more fun for you to learn and practice. In fact it can make it easier for all of us, who doesn’t love bubbles?! Our CEO Cath talks you through the technique, giving […]

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Grounding technique: Spot a colour [wtr-time]

Grounding techniques are useful at times of stress or distress and to bring yourself out of or prevent the onset of panic attacks, flashbacks and dissociation. This one is really simple and easy to remember, and suitable for children and young people too. The video is only short and walks you through it. Why not […]

Read more September 14th, 2021