Quick Exit

My Kickstart apprenticeship experience with Imara

Imara took part in the government’s Kickstart Scheme in 2021 by hosting Nura as a Charity Administrative Assistant.

How did you find out about Imara?

I found out about Imara through my job search with my work coach. There was a position open at the time for an Administrative Assistant Apprentice and when I read the job description it was a role that really appealed to me, and I thought it was something I could take on to further my personal experience in the Charity sector.

What projects have you worked on so far during your time with Imara?

I worked on a few projects during the period of time I have worked here. I was part of the diversity team meeting that introduced the idea of a culture share where members of the team share an aspect of their culture or upbringing with the rest of the team during team meeting as a way of celebrating diversity within Imara. I also had the honour of being the first person to kick off the culture share by sharing my own experience as Black Somali Muslim woman.

In addition to this, I worked very closely with Vimbai with regards to managing the social media pages of the charity particularly Instagram. There were some great ideas and fruitful discussions we had around how to improve the social media pages in the future to raise more awareness about Imara and the work that the charity does. I also introduced the idea of having a TikTok account for Imara to the team and it was something that was very well received however I was not able to actually get the project up and running during my time here.

I was also able to take on the job of working on the monthly newsletters during my time at Imara.

What skills have you learnt so far during your time with Imara?

I learnt common administrative skills such as:

  • Interacting with clients face to face and over email. Picking up new software that I didn’t have exposure to beforehand like Charitylog.
  • Picking up copywriting skills through working on the monthly newsletters which I had no prior experience on.
  • Operating as a business overall and all the work that takes place behind the scenes
  • Everyday mundane tasks that enable a business to run smoothly- often overlooked but without it the business wouldn’t work as well.
  • Communication- communicating with clients and liaising with other professionals through.

What was challenging for you the most in your role?

What was most challenging for me in my role was the transition in the beginning of getting used to a professional setting and meeting new people that I hadn’t met before. It was also quite challenging to adopt a professional manner of working as it was my first ever job role so it took me a little while to get used to the everyday behind the scenes skills that you need to have as an administrator.

What have you enjoyed most about working with Imara?

I enjoyed working with the people at Imara the most. Everyone I met and worked with was so friendly and welcoming and I couldn’t have picked a better team to have spent my apprenticeship with. Imara has a special work culture that is not found in most workplaces.

January 31st, 2022