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We run scheduled one-day CPD accredited courses throughout the year suitable for professionals working with children and their families, including teachers, police, social workers, carers, therapists, health professionals, guardians, and other practitioners.

These are all advertised below, in our bi-monthly Professionals Newsletter and on our LinkedIn

Upcoming Training

Other courses we offer

  • Understanding and Responding to Child Sexual Abuse
  • Understanding Trauma and Trauma-Informed Practice
  • Pre-Trial Therapy – Understanding and Working Within the CPS Guidelines
  • Creative Approaches to Working with Children who have Experienced Trauma
  • Creativity and Play in Healing Trauma
  • Demystifying Sexual Abuse
  • Working in School with the Impact of Trauma

You can also book Imara to deliver specialist training for your team of staff, students or associates. We will:

  • Discuss with you and identify your specific requirements
  • Recommend one of our existing CPD accredited courses, or devise bespoke course content and programmes to meet your needs
  • Provide experienced, qualified trainers to deliver the course
  • Deliver the training in-house at your premises or provide our own training venue and catering 

If you are interested in requesting training from us or would like any more information, please contact us.


Working Pre-Trial with children and young people – January 2021

Many good discussions and real life examples that helped a lot

The small size of the group meant there was plenty of opportunity for individuals to ask questions.

“The trainers were welcoming and friendly and were keen to answer questions”

Understanding and Responding to the Effects of Child Sexual Abuse, Feb 2020 @ Nottingham City Council Every Colleague Matters – Feb 2020

Outstanding skills, honesty and knowledge

Brilliant thank you, very inspirational

“Learnt so much in a small amount of time

I wish I could keep listening, very good

“Amazing thank you, best training so far

Excellent helpful session, thank you

“Thank you, you have helped me and my niece in ways we could never express

A longer session would be good

Pre-Trial Therapy, November 2019

“Brilliant training, really safe environment to learn and share worries in relation to pre-trial therapy. I most liked getting clarity around note taking and what’s OK in therapy sessions pre-trial. I enjoyed the activities organising the process the young person goes through.”

“I feel a lot calmer and knowledgeable about the subject. This will help my confidence when working with clients pre-trial. I really liked the creative activities.”

“I liked everything about this training. The most useful things I have learned was how to take notes in a pre-trial working setting and what you need to do when the client discloses something you are unsure about. The most interesting thing was hearing the audio from real experiences from people that went to court.”

“Informative and support trainers, small and encouraging group, and the offer of continued support. The most interesting/useful things I have learned are creative ways to convey information, concrete guidance around note-taking, and remembering the therapist input is just one piece in the jigsaw of the client’s experience.”

“Been a really helpful, interesting and fruitful day. I most liked the practical applied group work.”

Understanding and Responding to Child Sexual Abuse, August 2019

“Cath and Mel were great.  Instructive, open and helpful.  I came home feeling uplifted which is remarkable given the topic for discussion.” 

“Friendly space and people, informative slides and talk well set out with case studies, art making and interaction, relaxed social lunch – all good. Thank you. It was a good and useful day, which also proved to be enjoyable whilst covering a difficult subject.”

“The flow of exercises between experiential, small group, using objects, using the art materials etc. all worked well. It felt like a really well balanced training to me.” 

“A good training event. It provided a good overview of working with victims of sexual abuse. The case studies worked well and were interesting to put the work in context. I also liked the activity choosing a representative item from the treasure chest to open up thinking around the subject. “

“I really valued being with a group of art therapists all in similar situations to share experiences and thinking.”